On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 8:57 PM, artao wrote:
> Aha, I misread the GIMP 2.8 announcements. I guess I thought
> GEGL was inherently high bit depth. So, several years then is
> fairly accurate?

It's hard to say. To the best of my knowledge, some bits of GIMP
are ready to be replaced with GEGL already, while others aren't.
I don't think anyone tried seriously estimating amount of work.

The good news is that we are switching to smaller release cycles,
and high bit depth has higher priority than other fancy features.
In general, I wouldn't expect usable high bit depth capable GIMP
sooner than end of 2012. It really depends on amount of
developers we manage to interest and their talent.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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