On 07/21/2011 03:14 PM, JPL wrote:
> Le 21/07/2011 23:51, Mikael Ståldal a écrit :
>> Is there any better noise reduction filter for GIMP than the built in
>> Wavelet Denoise? It does remove the noise, but also make the image a bit
>> blurry.
>> Wavelet Denoise in ufraw has the same problem.
>> I know it is possible to do it better since my new camera, Canon
>> PowerShot S95, does it better when saving to JPEG. But the camera
>> doesn't do noise reduction when saving to RAW.
> There are several denoising scripts here : registry.gimp.org/
> I like Unsharp Mask 2 0.12 which gives me very fine results (I use only 
> the first five settings).
In your camera it's able to do a black shot to get the average noise of
your sensors.  That gives it a HUGE advantage.  It can just subtract
that from the image.  Some of the sensor wells are always more noisy
than others.  You can do the same if you know a bit about graphics, take
a few shots with your lens cap on in raw mode, get them on to your
computer, make a noise mask with averaged values from each pixel, then
subtract that from all your raw images.  Surely there's someone's
software that can do that already given the black images.  Anyone?


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