>Hello Gimp-users,

>i've got a bad digital camera and want to work over the results. Bad in this 
>case means, that i've got good resolution and good results concerning the 
>light, but a bad sharpness.

>My idea is, that if i've got a good resolution, what the fact is, there must 
>be a way to sharpen it. Isn't it?

>As example you can take the following picture:

>This is a good example of what i mean.

>Of course, i could do it in Windows using the well known utilities, but i WANT 
>to do it with the GIMP ;-)

>And of course, i DID try out "sharpness", etc....

>Any suggestion is welcome, bye, qeldroma

emvarona (via gimpusers.com) There are several ways of sharpening slightly 
blurred photos. The easiest is (1) Filter-enhance-sharpen.Another is (2) 
Filter-enhance-unsharp mask. Better still (found in Gimp 2.6) is (3) 
decompose/compose method. It requires a lenghty explanation. Instructions are 
found in the gimp on-line manual. There are other ways but even more 
complicated. I use all three above, however, the third one gives the best 
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