On Wed, 2011-07-27 at 02:56 +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 2:28 AM, Leonard Evens wrote:
> > Actually, I am familiar with the lens model, and at one point I tried to
> > calculate the coefficients for a lens I had.  It is not conceptually
> > difficult, but it is harder in practice to do than one might imagine.  I
> > would rather not do it if it has already been done.  As I remarked, the
> > gimplensfun filter does a very good job based on what it finds in the
> > exif file, and it works very well for my 18-200 mm Nikkor lens.   So
> > ufraw should be able to do as well.   I think it is bug in ufraw and I
> > hope someone will fix it soon.
> If you are on Linux, I'd rather recommend darktable over UFRaw.
> It also supports LensFun library to fix distorsions.

I've installed darktable, but I had a lot of trouble running the videos
which were promised.  I guess I will use the manual.

Is darktable supposed to substitute for gimp altogether?

> Meanwhile Hugin 2011.2.0 is coming with lens calibration UI (just in
> case you're interested).

I am interested.  I've used hugin to create panoramas with my view
camera.  I make two or three exposures on color negative film using a
panoramic head, scan them and then combine them with hugin.   It allowed
me to take a picture of a building facade from relatively close up with
my 75 mm (roughly equivalent to 18-23 mm in 35 mm) lens which I couldn't
possibly do in one exposure.   Of course with a view camera lens, the
lens distortion is so small that it is not usually worth worrying about.

The problem with hugin is that the learning curve is pretty steep, and I
don't use it often enough to remember how to use it.

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