>On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 10:04 AM, Stefan Maerz wrote:

>> On this topic, I have a question. With this new "Save" and "Export"
>> feature, will it be possible to save an .xcf and export the image all
>> at once? As in I press save, and two files are generated (or
>> overwritten).

>You will have to script it, at least for now :)

>Alexandre Prokoudine

This workflow is troubling. I don't work with xcf, but with real image formats 
(png, jpg). The old way had its problems (always asking what settings to use 
for export), but this isn't any better. I now have no way to see if I have 
exported my image or not, because the change indicator is not updated when the 
image is exported. Also, if you are going to display a warning message when I 
try to save as jpg, you might as well handle the exporting there as before. 
Leave the new export workflow as is, but its restrictive to only use xcf as the 
"native" image type, when depending on what I'm working on I may want a 
different "native" type, while yet exporting to something else.

Back to 2.6 for me :(

saluk (via gimpusers.com)
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