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    This defaults to 100% IIRC. It only effects the *display* during

This is the time when it shouldn't display at 100%.

Let's say I have a bunch of layers with various graphical elements. The one at the bottom is a photo that needs to be scaled up and rotated, so that it fits in better with the layers above it. The moment I attempt that, I am no longer able to see my layers because the photo layer is now displaying above everything. What now? It becomes hit-and-miss guesswork, which is counter intuitive.

That's why there is an opacity control in the layer transform tools (rotate/scale/shear/perpective) and why it applies only during the transform.

Btw if you are trying to move two layers to makje them match, there is an "exact-aligner' plugin which does everything in one transform (avoids blurriness). You pick two points on one layer, two points on the other, and it figures out the scale/rotation/offset to apply to the second to make the pair of points match:


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