>I wanted to make a rough metallic surface and I ended up with this by 
>fiddling around with a back-to-white gradient and emboss it. I finally 
>got a clean 200x200 image that alings seamlessy and can be used as a 


>(You can make it golden by colorify with yellow.)

>Are there any other strateiges for making a rough metallic surface?

>(Feel free to use this pattern if you like it.)

You might use a bump map. Open a suitable image, plenty if you search google 
images, in your case perhaps part of a larger image as a base. Then in your new 
image it is filters -> map -> bumpmap and point at the 'rusted' image.

You get an effect like this. http://i.imgur.com/73HYK.jpg

Since you are aiming at a small image for a tilable pattern, then its filters 
-> map -> make tilable.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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