Is there any way to just rotate a rectangular image?  I have often scanned in 
something that's not square, it's often a brochure that's taller than it is 
wide.  But when I scanned it, I had turn it sideways to get the whole thing 
visible to the scanner.  So it scans completely, but now I have an image of it 
that's not "up is up"-- I have "up is right" or "up is left."  But  now I have 
to do all this junkbutter: 1) Look at the canvas size, 2) make the width & 
height equal to the larger of the two, 3) use the Rotate tool to turn the image 
90 degrees, then 4) do some magic to move the image to start at the upper-left, 
and 5) crop it back down to get rid of the blank space on the bottom.  YUCKY!  
Is there some magic tool I haven't found yet that will rotate, move and crop 
all in one step?  I just want to turn the entire image on it's side without any 
other fuss.  Is that possible somehow?  I have to assume it is, but I sure 
couldn't find it...  thanks!

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