>When scrolling left or right, many pixelgroups don't change, resulting in 
>fractals and weird looking picture-parts. Scrolling up and down is working 

>I tried this on 2 computers, both with linux (up to date systems running: 
>debian testing, ubuntu natty). Unfortunately both have an ati graphic card, so 
>it might be a fglrx problem. Maybe someone knows a solution or can tell me if 
>it's a problem for any linux users or just for those who have an ati card.

>I already tried different settings in the xorg.conf, like activating horizonal 
>sync and so on, but no effect.

>Catalyst Control Center (amdcccle) has a setting like "Tear Free" - but this 
>doesn't eliminate this error, it just seems to reduce it.

>Thanks for any help - even if it's just help like finding out if it's a 
>driver/card/gtk/gimp/... problem.!

Could you show what's in /var/log/Xorg.log (after scrolling horizontally).
I've never used ATI cards because of the poor drivers.

gerard82 (via gimpusers.com)
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