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> I am new to Gimp and want to use it to create individual body maps of skin
> lesions by drawing on a body part template and pasting to patient notes.
>  However, when I save a body map as a template, I can't seem to access it
> again to modify.  Am I overlooking something?
> thanks
Yes. A template currently isn't a full image, just the basic characteristics
like Width, Height, and (possibly, don't remember for sure) Fill .
Until such time as full XCF templates are implemented, I suggest instead
making the base body map, copying the XCF you just made, and finally
creating a custom launcher which passes the path of that XCF to GIMP.
Then every time you needed to create a new record, use that launcher. That
way you would immediately have that base XCF loaded, ready to make a
modified version from, each time you start GIMP.
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