On 21 Aug 11 19:37 bktheman34 <for...@gimpusers.com> said:
> >In the old version I could use the color picker to get a color from
> >the desktop or from any other program window that was visible 
> behind 
> >the Gimp image window.
> >Is that still possible in 2.6? Can someone tell me how to make that
> work?
> >Thank you,
> >Matt
> You could take a screen shot (in Windows hit the PrtSc key) of your 
> desktop or whatever program you have open, then in GIMP click File >
> Create from Clipboard, and use the colour picker on that to select 
> what you want. Then just close the screen shot, don't save.

Nothing so complicated!

Double-click the the Foreground colour square in the Toolbox to open 
the CHANGE FOREGROUND COLOR dialogue, then click the Colour Picker 
button to the right of the HTML NOTIFICATION field. (Works for the 
background colour too!)

Greg Chapman
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