Firstly, I'm on Gimp 2.7.3. There are in fact some differences in
connection with this query.

I'm wondering about the assignments in Configure Keyboard Shortcuts.
There are some confusing aspects to this. I'm not actually using a
keyboard or even mouse for that matter. I'm using MIDI but the
quickest way into this dialog is from keyboard shortcuts on the edit
menu. So check this out for keyboard shortcuts to keep it simple.

In this window you have choices under "Tools". Here you have for
example, settings for Brush. This works as expected. However, you also
have settings for just "Value"s that you would logically expect to
cross over all tools i.e. increase value 1. Value 1 and value 2
control opacity and size of the tool. There is also value 3 and 4 but
these don't act on the slider values in the tool options as you might
expect. They only do anything if the brush is a procedural one but
then they act on the settings in the brush editor.

There are other options under the heading of "Context". There you can
also assign brush settings. These act like the "Value" settings under

You can also go into Preferences - Input Controllers to assign things
to mouse or MIDI if need be but whatever you assign. I'm only
interested in understanding the purpose of these various choices.

There doesn't seem to be an overall logic. Especially in the
development Gimp since it has extra tool sliders but this is maybe

In preferences there is also Paint Options Shared Between Tools.

Maybe all this ties in to having different physical tools because if
say you have two Wacom pens they retain their separate tools but I
haven't got this all sorted in my head yet.

I am actually creating my own tool presets so that all the brush etc
settings are completely stored. I think this may be a feature of 2.7.3

This is a very confusing aspect of Gimp and needs clearing up.

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