On 08/23/2011 08:17 PM, Longstreet wrote:
> Hello all. Noob here, with a question. I've used GIMP just enough to 
> humiliate myself at my lack of knowledge, and am trying to get a handle on 
> the whole image manipulation thing.
> For a first project, I'm trying to make a wallpaper for my phone. My idea 
> involves neon text (from the tutorial on this page 
> http://www.gimpusers.com/tutorials/neon-glow-text) on top of a logo I've 
> found in a jpg, both of those over a starry night sky.
> The text is no problem. The tutorial referenced above was easy to use and 
> understand. I thought I could apply the same steps to the black-and-white 
> image here http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb261/HHMACHSHOP/THEBOLT.jpg
> but it didn't work.
> I suppose the problem is that I'm starting with two different things, i.e. 
> starting from scratch with the text vs trying to manipulate a jpg. I've tried 
> experimenting along the way, but it's hard to experiment when I'm not sure 
> what I'm doing in the first place. I'm sure what I'm trying is possible, but 
> I'm not sure how to go about it.
> Any ideas or suggestions? Tia.

Another way is to create a "path" from the text and then use a Python 
script of mine to neon-ify the text. It's all explained here (with 
pointer to "engraving fonts" necessary in some cases):


The neon script is described in the "Decorations" page, and I recommend 
reading the "Paths FAQ" page.

An exemple of what you can get with the script;  

Btw,  a better format for these computer graphics is PNG, that you phone 
will very likely accept.

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