On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:47 AM, djallalnamri wrote:
> i might sound stupid but why a bdsm splashscreen ???
> (especially if gimp is being used by children too...)

Unstable version of GIMP are not supposed to be used by anyone who
wants stable software. That excludes kids as well as 99,99% of our

The splash screen is a combination of puns:

a) on newly added Cage tool (since 2.7.2, and it's when this splash appeared)
b) on alternative meaning of GEGL as Genetic Engineered Goat, Large
(where the fifth leg comes from)

And, I dare say, it's also a mild joke on people who have let dirty
thoughts on "GIMP as in Pulp Fiction movie character" crawl inside
their heads and build a nest and now can't (and probabaly don't want
to) get rid of these thoughts.

By the time 2.8 i out, GIMP will have a new family-friendly splash
screen without potentially offensive jokes on anyone's expense,
although it's virtually impossible to guarantee that (because there
are always people who are ready to take offense at something).

Alexandre Prokoudine
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