Not really proficient at it myself, but had a quick crack at it just
now, seems achievable:
could you do something by adding a layer mask (set to full
transparency), draw a circle on that (hold shift to keep it as circle,
not oval), fill circle with white (equals full opacity) and then you
should see the image underneath fitting neat in the circle? save it as
desired image from there...

maybe have to try moving/resizing circle after you can see through, or
start with mask as opaque and make transparent circle then invert it??
not sure if this is easy/possible.

not sure if similar can be achieved with alpha channels, ?? something to
try I guess. I'm still novice on that.


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> Can anyone help with this please?  I want to be able to crop to an accurate 
> circle to make an insert for glass paperweights.  Any suggestions would be 
> rear with great interest!  Thanks! Using Gimp with Windows by the way.

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