ideamakers <> writes:

> Yes I do get the dialog box but I do a lot of photos that are all the same 
> and would like to change the settings to default to 2 x 2 in black. Not sure 
> who would use a 25 px border in bright blue to begin with. In a previous 
> version I'd changed a file, not sure if it was a script or something else, to 
> make the changes and can't seem to do the same in the 2.6 version. Or maybe 
> I'm just looking to know where this file would be located to edit it.

Ah. Try putting into your
~/.gimp-2.6/scripts folder and run Filters->Script-fu->Update, this
should give you an 'Add Border2' script with different defaults.

For extra educational value, the changes I did are shown in this diff:



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