On 19/09/11 07:15 AM, gerard82 wrote:
>> I am running GIMP 2.6...and noticed lately that the file type chooser
>> type box is almost useless. When you click on the type a long thin box
>> opens and you can't see the types.
>> You can see what I mean here :
>> http://imagebin.org/172855
>> Can anyone suggest what's wrong ?
> Stop Gimp.
> Move (or delete) /home/yourusername/.gimp-2.6/sessionrc.
> Restart Gimp.
> Had similar problems and this solved it.
> Why it happens I don't know.
> I'm on Gentoo Linux.
> Gerard.

    Nope, didn't work here. No change. Also renamed gtkrc to 
gtkrc.bak..no change...and after someone else's suggestion on the Debian 
list, renamed ~/.config/gtk/filechooser.ini, but it didn't help either. 
This happens under Gnome and other window managers. Weird.

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