When I start up Gimp (v 1.0.4) I get the following error:

Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkpixmap.c: line 63 (gdk_pixmap_new): assertion `(width != 0) 
&& (height != 0)' failed.

I have tried a version compiled locally with gcc, one compiled with the
SunPro compiler, and the precompiled binaries from Solaris Freeware. They
all produce the same result.

The same install set on a different computer, same platform and OS, produces
a different message:

gimp: shmat failed...disable shared memory tile transport

The gimp trouble shooting guide says that this indicates that the host
machines does not support shared memory, and so that feature of gimp
should be turned off, but shared memory is supported and I get this same
message even if I run gimp with the --no-shm option.

Anybody have any suggestions about this?

--Glen Jackson
IST-Museum Informatics Project

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