Ok.  Thanks to the list I got the Wintel build, and it doesnt support
tablets.  Yet.

        Who am I?  Hi.  I'm an artist.  And I'm looking for tools to get me as far
away from windows as possible.  Unfortunately, Linux is 'by hackers, for
hackers,' and it shows in GIMP.  But it's a nice start.  Better than what I
expected (Halloween doc called it a linux version of Paint).

        So, if you're looking for feedback from a friendly, photoshop user, about
the user friendliness of GIMP, I'm here.

        Now all I need is for someone to start an open source version of Alias'
Maya. :)



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  >Sent: Mon, October 04, 1999 3:44 PM
  >Subject: Re: wacom tablet?
  >>Let me disclaim by stating that I'm an idiot.
  >Idiot? I dunno. But selfsteem is low. ;]
  >>Now, will/does Gimp support pressure when using a drawing
  >tablet ala Wacom?
  >Yes, but you may need to get latest sources and libs recompile
  >some things.
  >Damn, I should do some recompilations too (PDL for GimpPerl). :[

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