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You should install gtk-dev RPM as well as gtk one.

DD> I have Suse 6.2, which installed Gimp 1.1.7, I am trying to go to 1.1.9,
DD> and am having some problems.  I don't know if I should uninstall 1.1.7
DD> and then install 1.1.9.  The main problem I have encountered is GTK.  I
DD> know I have gtk on my system, but it can't find the gtk-config test
DD> program, and then it also fails on the version test.  I have been
DD> running gnome and changing gtk themes, so that is why I believe I have
DD> gtk on my system, but I have been wrong before, more than likely I don't
DD> have developer version of gtk (is that possible?)  Any suggestions would
DD> be greatly appreciated.

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