"Robert J. Brown" wrote:
> >>>>> "Jarda" == Jarda Benkovsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     Jarda> Hi, I have made some image hoses for CVS Gimp. Get them at
>     Jarda> http://www.pvtnet.cz/www/pvt.benkovsk/gimp/misc.html
>     Jarda> Also there's a wax seal with Wilber. Enjoy!
> The seal is fantastic!  Do you have a script that will produce such
> seals from other images as well?  How did you do the ray tracing to

Yes. Look at wax-seal script there.

> get the highlights so perfect on the bulging 3D wax image?  My

*grin* raytracing? Not at all! It's only a simple cheat. It's
in wax-seal for Gimp 1.1 but it's easy and does not depend on new

emboss plugin will give you plastic, but dull looking layer. Now take
it's copy
and open threshold plugin. Select only a thin range (so the highlight
will be white, everything else is black), but let some unselected values
in the right (e.g. select 245 - 250) so that the highlight seems more
natural. Blur rle ~ 3. Overlay the result with the original embossed

Examine wax-seal source, it's better than words :-)

If you will spice the corporate logo with it, send me URL, I'll gladly
look and/or place the link on my page!

> corporate logo is circular.  It is generated from a Postscript file
> that I wrote 9 years ago.  It could probably use a little dressing up
> in this present day and age.  Such a wax seal would look very good, I
> think.



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