When I run configure I get this:

WARNING: I've detected an old version of Gimp-Perl installed
         already. Since I cannot detect the prefix used to install
         it I will just overwrite it.  If you happen to use two
         different and incompatible versions of the Gimp with differing
         prefixes you should call configure with the --disable-perl
         switch to disable the perl extension, or consider installing
         the perl module elsewhere, using the environment variables
         PERL5LIB=/my/module/dir and PERL_MM_OPTS="PREFIX=$PERL5LIB" to
         overwrite the installation directory (PERL_MM_OPTS) and run the
         Gimp (PERL5LIB). See "perldoc ExtUtils::MakeMaker" for a full
         discussion of your options.

building embedded perl module... no

Does anyone know what the solution to this is?



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