On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Alf C Stockton wrote:

> One of the very few things I am not happy with on my Linux
> 2.0.35(Slackware) system running GIMP 1.0.2 is the printing of digital
> photographs to my HP DeskJet 694C. 
> I have this printer setup for postscript using the magicfilter-1.2's
> dj550c-filter. This is obviously not adequate for photos even though text
> prints fine.
> Any suggestions, polite ones please, gratefully accepted.

Try setting the gimp's print plug-in to one of the HP Deskjet options
instead of Postscript (in the printer dialog, choose setup, then in that
dialog, choose an appropriate driver - I believe theres an HP Deskjet 600 
series option). You shouldn't need to change anything else. I can't say
whether this will really produce better output, but its easy to try.


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