There is a shareware package called xw_tools at:

It costs 30DM ($18?) and it works very well with my epson printer. It
has a printer driver and spooler with parameters set for a wide variety
of printers.  There is also a GPL gui package that goes with it that
allows you to set things like resolution and paper type interactively. 
I can get almost photo quality with my new epson using this package.


On 09-Oct-99 Alf C Stockton wrote:
> One of the very few things I am not happy with on my Linux
> 2.0.35(Slackware) system running GIMP 1.0.2 is the printing of
> digital
> photographs to my HP DeskJet 694C. 
> I have this printer setup for postscript using the magicfilter-1.2's
> dj550c-filter. This is obviously not adequate for photos even though
> text
> prints fine.
> Any suggestions, polite ones please, gratefully accepted.
> ---
> Regards,
> Alf Stockton
> "The only real way to look younger is not to be born so soon."
>               -- Charles Schulz, "Things I've Had to Learn Over and
>                  Over and Over"

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