On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Alf C Stockton wrote:

> I am having a problem understanding the relationship between digital image
> size and the image size printed from the Gimp on my HP DeskJet 694C.
> I cannot see how an image of 640x480 can, printed at 600dpi, become the
> size of an A4 sheet, without the Gimp making changes. ie Does the Gimp
> take each pixel and expand (for want of a better word) it to multiple
> pixels? 
> My understanding is that a 640x480 image at 600dpi should be +-1.06666
> inch by 0.8 inch not 11.9 inch by 8.4 inch. What am I missing ? 

The print plug-in defaults to scaling the image to fill 100% of the page.
You can set this to whatever value you like (in percent or in pixels per
inch) with the scaling control in the print dialog.

Andrew Kieschnick

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