Phyllis Davis wrote:

> Hi, everybody,
> I'm trying to compile and install the developer's version (1.1.10) and am
> running into problems. (I've never compiled anything on Linux before.)
> I've successfully unpacked the tar files for gimp and the gtk. When I run
> ./configure I get messages saying that various files (e.g. aclocal,
> autoconf, automake, etc.) are missing. Also, I get a configure error saying
> "cannot guess host type."
> I'm following the instructions in the install file that ships with the
> archive and also the GUM. What am I missing?
> Thanks for your help!
> Phyllis

Depending on what distribution your running you may need to install some additional 
development packages that include autoconf, automake, etc... As for the "cannot guess 
host type" you need to include a switch with the ./configure script like this.

./configure --host=i586-linux             # for pentium systems
./configure --host=i686-linux             # for pentium II and higher systems

Write back with more info about your distribution please...


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