> - calibration

I have no experience or knowledge about this.

> - use of special inks

Ghostscript 7.0 (mid-2000, testing probably starting in Q2 of 2000) will
support the PostScript DeviceN color space, which will allow drivers to have
inks other than the primaries and make those inks visible at the PostScript
level.  However, it appears that what you want is to convert a standard
color space (maybe a CIE space) for rendering with a set of inks that may
have unusual properties.  Unfortunately, PostScript currently provides no
way to do this -- when rendering a CIE color, the only supported output
color spaces are DeviceRGB and DeviceCMYK.  I consider this a shocking
oversight, and I expected it to be fixed in PostScript LanguageLevel 3, but
it wasn't.  I suspect that Adobe intends to use ICCBased color spaces for
this (see below).

Ghostscript 7.0 will also almost certainly support ICCBased color spaces.
These are not yet part of PostScript LanguageLevel 3, but they are part of
PDF 1.3, and I expect them to show up in Adobe PostScript release 3012.
(This is a pure guess, I have no inside knowledge about this.)  I am not
familiar enough with the ICC color profile specification to know whether
this requires adding support for arbitrary device color spaces, but I would
expect that it does.

If you would like to discuss further the applicability of Ghostscript to
your project, please feel free to e-mail me privately, or to continue the
discussion on this list, whichever you prefer.


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