Riyad Kalla wrote:
> I've done it on a page before. It was something equivalent to
> STYLE="Background: No-Title" or something to that extent.. I don't
> remmeber...

It's in the cascading style sheets. An example from my O'Reily HTML book
for a single water mark in the centre of the page:

BODY {background-image: url(backgrounds/watermark.gif);
      background-position: center middle;
      background-repeat: no-repeat

To tile only in the X or Y directions one may use "repeat-x" and
"repeat-y" respectively. Tiling in both directions is the default

> > > background images special, or do i have to create a really large gif?

This is an alternative, along with a JPEG.  The compression should take
the file size down to nothing. I have no idea whether browsers would
effectively deal with this. I have seen something similar with a wide
but not very tall image that produced a verticle tiling effect. 

Still, if you can assume that browsers will handle CSS/HTML 4.0, then
the background-* styles should work very well.


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