I'm trying to convert GIFs with transparencies to PNGs using GIMP to
produce a 100% GIF-free site.

I take the following steps:
1) Open the GIF (for example, the gfx_by_gimp.gif "Graphics by GIMP")
2) Select "save as"
3) Select PNG type
4) Save 
5) PNG options (compression) dialog comes up - OK
6) I get a dialog that simply says "save failed - <filename>"

It seems obvious that I'm missing a step, but I'm not sure what. I may
be blind, but I can't find it in the docs. 

I hate to admit that in my frustration, I tried using a [m$] program. It
didn't even attempt to preserve the transparency. Ack!

GIMP 1.04
RH 6.0 
Linux 2.2.3 with special SMP patches

Thanks for any suggestions,


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