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> I've done it on a page before. It was something equivalent to
> STYLE="Background: No-Title" or something to that extent.. I don't
> remmeber...

Yes, you *can* do this with style-sheets.  However, this function is not
supported by most browsers, so I consider it a nice idea that's more or
less useless.  You could also use layers but only a few versions of Netscape support 
and IE or Opera don't at all (damned shame because it was a cool idea). 

There are some interesting ways to get around the problem of tiling which
basically depend on your page design and background image.  Just try to
come up with creative ways to achieve the design you want using different
methods.  There may very well be a way to do it but it is going to depend
on your design.

You can use place this in your body tag:
        leftmargin=0 Cmarginheight=0 marginwidth=0 topmargin=0
(FYI those attributes are only supported by 4.x+ browsers). Then set up a
table where your background image is the background of the table.  This
will still tile but if you set the table width to the same size as the
image, it wont.  You can have a similar effect by putting the
peices of the background image in individual table cells, too.  

If you want a single background image, you need to make it *at
least* 1700 pixels wide and I'd recommend making it tile vertically.  See
http://www.valinux.com for an example.  Even though I didn't follow my own
advice on the VA Linux site, I'd *highly* recommend that you avoid using
one single great big background image.  It's very hard to control the file
size, for one thing.  It can easily make your site big and clunky.  You
must make the image big enough that it doesn't tile horizontally so that
means you get to work with massively huge images which can be a pain.  I
would not resort to this unless I absolutely couldn't come up with another
way to acheive my design.

Just my 2 cents!  :)

Good Luck! 

--Amy Abascal
"A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your neck!!" 

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