Yes, don't just delete the background and save the image on a transparent
background.  The image will not have anything to dither with and will
therefore be "ragged".  Instead, 

1.  Set your background color to a color that matches (or closely matches)
the background on your webpage.

2.  Select Layers -> Merge Visible Layers -> Clipped to Bottom Layer.

3.  Select Image -> Transforms -> Autocrop

4.  Use the "Magic Wand" selection tool to select the colors you want to
make transparent.  

5.  Use Alt-x (or cut from the menu) to cut out the colors.

Now you will have an edge that is dithered to the background color.  You
should be able to use this image on any background that isn't too
contrasted from your original background.  In otherwords, if the image was
designed on a white background and your webpage is light grey (say
#c0c0c0) you should be ok.  But if it was designed on a white background
and you try to put it on a black background, it will look like hell.

Good Luck!

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, graficon wrote:

> I'm trying to save some 3-D text that I've created with bump-mapping on
> a transparent background.  Indexing/grayscaling corrupts the image and I
> want to avoid this "ragged" look.  Any suggestions?

--Amy Abascal
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