Christophe Champod wrote:
> Dear Users,
> Sorry for such a dummy question. I have installed GIMP on my LUNIX
> PPC machine thanks to a RPM package. I have to install GIMP on a SUN
> with Solaris 2.5. Does anyone can provide me with an internet site
> where I can download the latest GIMP RPM package (and required
> libraries) for such a system?

        Well, RPM is the RedHat Package Manager, so unless you have it built
and installed on this Solaris system, you're not going to be able to
make use of rpms on it. The normal way to install on such systems is to
just build the source there. Just download the Gimp source to that box,
and check the README and INSTALL files. It's probably something to the
equivalent of

        make test
        make install


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