I only mail these lists when I'm about ready to rip out my hair.  I've
aquired two problems with gimp.  The first is the easier of the two to
explain and the first one that I noticed.  
        I have only 3 fonts in Gimp.  XWindows thinks that I have A LOT
more...  but Gimp says I have 3.  I'm running Slackware 7.0 and the
problem happens in both KDE and Enlightenment.  I haven't tested any
others but I imagine that it's the same.  All of the paths are set
right.  I've checked all that.  
        The second problem is with a graphic that I would like to make
for my
site, but can't seem to figure out how.  I have the general outline of
it if anyone cares and it's easier to see that than to explain it.  If
you think that you can help me with it then I'll send you the jpg with a
description of what I'm wanting to do.  I would appreciate it if instead
of doing it for me someone could tell me how.  I'm wanting to learn.  

        Well, I've typed more than I would want to read, 


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