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> > >   yes.
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> > Boy these mailing lists are great.  This is what I call an
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> Ok, I'm sorry.  I'll admit, I was just being a smart-arse.  Afterall, the
> poster only asked if it were possible.
> Ok, here's how to do it... There's more than one way.
> 1.  First find your fonts directory.  On my system, that's
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts but this can vary.  If you are not root on your
> box (or if you just feel like being different) you can also create a fonts
> directory somewhere that you have rwx access.

I found several places where other fonts were stored by other packages. 
You can use them also by including them in XF86Config FontPath section and
running type1inst on them.

For instance here are some other directories I found some usable fonts
(some XF86Config entires):

    FontPath   "/usr/office51a/fonts/type1/"
    FontPath   "/usr/local/share/ogonkify/fonts/"
    FontPath   "/usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts/"


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