On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Per-Erik Kristensson wrote:

> > Just a curiosity, it is possible if you have saved an image as an xcf so
> > that you can modify the layers again, that you can find out what font
> > type and size was used in the image.... In a somewhat easy fashion?
> There is no easy way to edit text you already have written. However, if you just 
>want's to know with font you have used, rename the layer to the fontname/size. This 
>will save you a lot's of time!

Sorry, but that's not true!  If you double-click on the text-icon, you
will get text options.  Choose the Dynamic Text option.  Now your text
will appear in its own layer.  Anytime you click on that layer with the
font tool, you will be able edit your text (just like with a word
processor).  Of course, this is only available in CVS versions of GIMP.

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