On Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 12:56:08PM -0600, Jim Clark wrote:
> So I'll offer a (probably) easy one.  How do I make a background that is
> a uniform color with a slight change to it--a kind of granite look.  For
> an example see:
> http://www.brlabs.com/ (not my site or any connection--just a nice
> sample)
I mean it s very easy :)

fill the image with some color (dont matter which)
play with the noise filters (i like noisify and then spread)
After that you make it to a grayscale img. as gray is boring make it to an
RGB img again (Ok, I know you can simply desaturate it)
and colorize it with your favorit color (Image->color->color
balance). If the graduation is to strong for your purpose do some blur.
> I want a very slight gradation in color, but yet still clearly visible,
> as this one is. But I have specific colors I want to use, so I can't
> just steal and edit.  Or can I?
Don't steal!

True, it returns "" for false, but "" is an even more interesting
number than 0.
             -- Larry Wall in <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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