Nonya Business wrote:

> I only mail these lists when I'm about ready to rip out my hair.  I've
> aquired two problems with gimp.  The first is the easier of the two to
> explain and the first one that I noticed.
>         I have only 3 fonts in Gimp.  XWindows thinks that I have A LOT
> more...  but Gimp says I have 3.  I'm running Slackware 7.0 and the
> problem happens in both KDE and Enlightenment.  I haven't tested any
> others but I imagine that it's the same.  All of the paths are set
> right.  I've checked all that.
>         The second problem is with a graphic that I would like to make
> for my
> site, but can't seem to figure out how.  I have the general outline of
> it if anyone cares and it's easier to see that than to explain it.  If
> you think that you can help me with it then I'll send you the jpg with a
> description of what I'm wanting to do.  I would appreciate it if instead
> of doing it for me someone could tell me how.  I'm wanting to learn.
>         Well, I've typed more than I would want to read,
> Thanks
> Rob

Just a far shot, but perhaps your missing the fonts.dir file in some of your font 
directories. Check the mkfontdir man page for more info.....


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