Could anyone please kindly advice on capturing and multi-processing

Let me explain the complete picture, just in case anyone can offer some
advice on the complete (off-)topic.

I'd like to convert a short video to a series of images by somehow
conecting up a standard VHS home video recorder to my Linux system.

I would like to grab frames from the video at pre-defined time intervals
of say one frame p/second. Then hopefully, auto-save the images in a
numerical order, at a pre-defined size (i.e. 300 × 200 pixels) as Tiff
or XCF format.


etc .. (up to a thousand images).

Assuming that this has (somehow) been solved, I might then have one
thousand Tiff's or XCF's in a directory named:


All images in this directory will from now on serve as originals for
whenever I need to modify specific image frames.

The end result should however be Jpg format, the reason is that I will
create a short Jpeg web animation using image replacement Javascript
(the browser calling the images from the server one after another).

Therefore I would like to do the following:
Automatically run through the originals directory, opening image after
image, scaling them, and saving them in another directory, as Jpg's,
something like this:

1) Open image 0001.tif
2) Scale to 150 × 100
3) Save As, 0001.jpg, in other* directory (at 40% Quality)

Then do the same on 0002.jpg and so on..

(whilst I'm doing something more relaxing like cooking some pasta..).

..until the last image in the originals directory has been processed.

Hopefully I can now find all the newly created content, nicely stacked
in the other* directory.




Anyone knows a magic script, or unix command line that can manage this
kind of multi-image processing, or / and if you have any tips on the
Video --> Tiff or XCF conversion possibilities for Linux would be much
appreciated, anything that saves me a thousand dollars on some useless
Windoze application!


I currently have Caldera with following image processing programs:
Image Magic 4.1.7
XV 3.10
Gimp 1.02
Blender 1.36

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