This is indeed off-topic, but I'm re-posting it to the list since I
imagine it may be of some interest to many people who subscribe...

On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Kati Gäbler wrote:

> Hi,


> Assuming that this has (somehow) been solved, I might then have one
> thousand Tiff's or XCF's in a directory named:

I don't know how to solve the first part :-) So you're on your own there.

> 1) Open image 0001.tif
> 2) Scale to 150 × 100
> 3) Save As, 0001.jpg, in other* directory (at 40% Quality)
> Then do the same on 0002.jpg and so on..

I have a few scripts that do things like this.  I think that Gimp could
theoretically be used in Batch mode for something like this, but that
seems to me like swatting flies with a sledgehammer...

There is a utility that comes with ImageMagick called 'convert'.  (Read
the manpage ...).  To solve your particular problem...

(I assume you're using bash.  If not, your mileage may vary.)

cd /home/kati/originals
for i in *.tif
do convert -quality 40 -sample 150x100 $i ../processed/`basename $i .tif`.jpg;

Just type that on the command-line and you should be ready to go.

If any Gimp wizards know how to do this with the Gimp, please let me know!  
I could never find concise documentation, pointers to some would be
appreciated, for more complex image processing like applying filters. 

Hope this is helpful,


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