Hello all--
After reading the most recent response on the how-to-get-off-this-list
thread, I went and looked at the non-existent instructions.  Yep,
Steve's right.  While there, I took a gander through the gimp developer
archive.  I am not subscribed to that list, but thought there might be
something interesting.  What do I see but this how-to-get-off-the-list
discussion, intersperesed among a bunch of messages I have not seen? 
Then I went over to the user archive and did not see anything after the
mail list problems back in May.  And the other archive is even older.
So: 4 Questions
1) Is there a current gimp-user list archive?
2) Did this get-off-the-list-stuff appear on both lists or was it just a
space/time continuum diffraction? (I already deleted these messages and
can not look at the headers.)
3) How does one unsubscribe? (I want to move my subscription to a
different account.)
4) How come the developer list looks like so much more fun (whine)?
Jim Clark, Web Administrator

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