Some of you are very upset that I was irritated with an individual who
sent multiple "Take me off this list" messages to the gimp-user list.

I am used to mailing lists where people sending perpetual "unsubscribe me"
messages is looked at as rude and poor netiquette.  Perhaps I've been on
technical lists too long.  I have received no end of flames (some very
strange indeed) for my comments to this individual. I guess I'm the only
one who sees the humor in people flaming someone for flaming.  But,

I appologize that this upset so many people.  My actions were not based
out of hostility but irritation and there is a big difference between the

Again, I appologize that so many people have been so incensed by my
comments.  I regret that I have been their biggest source of stress for
the day.

Finally, if you really must reply to me about this, please reply in

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