Hello all,

I'll apologise in advance if this list gets saturated by requests of this
kind, but since the archives appear to be almost non-existant I can't tell

What I am looking for is someone/people who have GIMP experience and some
creative flair (ok, I'll accept just the former if neccessary!) to help
out with the graphics on LinuxNewbie.com. This is a voluntary project so
don't expect anything other than possible fame ( ;) ) and an
@linuxnewbie.com mail forwarding address. We do not accept commercials
since we're hosted by VA's SourceForge project (in case is has any
bearing on your decision).

I have created a basic site layout and design, and in fact we could go
live with it, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm no artist. Actually
finding anyone with GIMP experience seems rather difficult and those that
do never seem to respond to requests for help. I can only hope that I've
been looking in the wrong places...

So, if you're interested in becoming our Art Director (just created that
position :) and satisfy the above requirements, GET IN TOUCH. Please! Join
our 20+ team of content writers and coders since artists are totally

I am just too busy with code to work on graphics any more :(

Yours hoping,

James Green     [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Site Manager

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