At least 1O ! That's the number of the messages dealing with
"subscription/unsubcription" !!!!

What about creating a special list for those who want to know how to
"GET OFF THE LIST" ? And there might also be another list to explain how
to unsubscribe from that special list, etc... Well, I'm obviously not

Something else ! I just wanted to tell you that I succeeded in using
TrueType Fonts with X and Gimp !

For those who didn't know it was possible, they can go and download the
TTF server at 

The name of the truetype font server is Xfstt-<number of version> (For
my part, it was Xfstt-0.9.10.tgz (80 Ko) )

It's so excitating to use, at last, my 150-TTF c:\windows\font"
directory for The GIMP and others X11 programs !

Bye !



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