Stop blaming the flamer.  I did not see the original post
ask nicely or ask intelligently what to do.  He demanded
his name be removed at once, without indicating he'd even
tried to solve it himself.

The list maintainer needs to down this thread or it will be
going on for weeks, but I am going to killfile
this thread myself now, suggest others follow.  Does the
current list engine allow for list maintenance such as this?

David M Dennis
Seattle Wa USA

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Steve Morris wrote:

> Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:21:23 -0500 (EST)
> From: Steve Morris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: get terrence brannon OFF these lists
> Miles O'Neal writes:
>  > Finally, she wasn't rude, brutal, vicious,
>  > inflammatory, vile, or nasty, so where's
>  > the beef?
> In the interest of flogging a dead horse I must disagree. You are
> almost right. She was not brutal, vicious, vile or nasty. She was rude
> and judging by the number of people who reacted she was also
> inflamatory. People don't tend to be inflamed by non inflamatory
> posts.
> The point is that this is a civil list. We are not generally inflicted
> by people who go outside the bounds. There have not been an excessive
> number of people who send inappropriate unsubsubscribe requests. In
> fact Amy's post was one of the least civil I have read on this list
> and I think therein lies the key to the reaction. A civil list should
> be able to handle the Terrence Brannon's of the world in a cival
> manner.
> When the occasional violator does show up the appropriate response
> should be kept private. Public flagellation is only appropriate for
> flagrant abuse, particularly where an example to other potential
> violators may be appropriate. It is humilating to the violator, who
> posssibly deserves it, and annoying to the normal peacable lurker who
> definitely does not.
> Any private battles Amy wishes to have with Terrence are her
> business. She has a perfect right to be irritated, to make her own
> judgement of whether Terrence's post was appropriate. It is only when
> she inflicts these battles on the rest of us that she crosses the
> line.
> Uncivil behavior on the list is all of our business.
> Final note: now that you have branded me (and others,) in public, as
> equivalent to a 'silly J. Random on a "goober pea lovers" list' who is
> not 'a rational being, a thoughtful being' I think we have an issue
> that should be discussed by our seconds. Amy only annoyed the list;
> you offer insult.
> There is NOTHING more important to a civil society than civil
> behavior. Giving insult is not civil behavior.

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