Steve Morris cleverly responded IN PUBLIC...

| > Finally, she wasn't rude, brutal, vicious,
| > inflammatory, vile, or nasty, so where's
| > the beef?
|In the interest of flogging a dead horse I must disagree. You are
|almost right. She was not brutal, vicious, vile or nasty. She was rude

You have a right to your opinion.  Feel free to show me how she
was rude.  Miffed, tired of seeing these messages, maybe.  MAybe
a *tiny* bit rude - and IMO quite understandable - and justified.
But I still don't think she was.

Now it's a long-standing tradition that it's rude to post
control messages (such as unsubscribes) to a list.  I trust
that you sent a private word to the original perpetrator
regarding this?

|and judging by the number of people who reacted she was also
|inflamatory. People don't tend to be inflamed by non inflamatory

Now that's a downright hilarious statement.  This is the *Internet*,
where people get incensed about *anything* and *everything*.

|The point is that this is a civil list. We are not generally inflicted
|by people who go outside the bounds. There have not been an excessive
|number of people who send inappropriate unsubsubscribe requests. In

I disagree.  We get far too many.

|fact Amy's post was one of the least civil I have read on this list
|and I think therein lies the key to the reaction. A civil list should
|be able to handle the Terrence Brannon's of the world in a cival

A civil list wouldn't have gotten bent out of shape at Amy's post.
[And in fact, AFAIK, the list didn't - just a few people who, IMO,
are trying to force political correctness on everyone else.]

|When the occasional violator does show up the appropriate response
|should be kept private.

Not necessarily.  Public reminders of the correct way to do
things hopefully keep the goofup rate lower.  Certainly there
is plenty of empirical evidence for this.

|Public flagellation is only appropriate for...

Please quote the flagellating parts.  I somehow missed them.

|Any private battles Amy wishes to have with Terrence are her
|business. She has a perfect right to be irritated, to make her own
|judgement of whether Terrence's post was appropriate. It is only when
|she inflicts these battles on the rest of us that she crosses the

And now you have done that which you accuse others of - attacked
her in public.  Where on earth do you come off accusing her of
wishing to have battles with anyone?  In fact, she apologized
after she got email on the issue.  Now *you* owe *her* an

|Uncivil behavior on the list is all of our business.

This, at least, we agree on.

|Final note: now that you have branded me (and others,) in public, as
|equivalent to a 'silly J. Random on a "goober pea lovers" list' who is
|not 'a rational being, a thoughtful being' I think we have an issue
|that should be discussed by our seconds. Amy only annoyed the list;
|you offer insult.

Perhaps you have just insulted your reading comprehension skill; perhaps
you were merely so incensed that you couldn't grasp my post.  The only
way that quote would apply to you is if you routinely ignore netiquette,
disregard the feelings of others, don't bother to save or look for
instructions, and always post unsubscribes directly to mailing lists.
If that is, indeed, the case, then all I can say is you will have an
interesting life.

[Having lived over half my life in Georgia, and being married to a
Georgia peach, I am fully allowed to make jokes about goober peas.
If that ofends you, it's *your* personal problem, not mine.]

[Repeat note about PC stuff from above.]

|There is NOTHING more important to a civil society than civil
|behavior. Giving insult is not civil behavior.

You left off the corrolary - ``an armed society is a polite society.''



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