Oh sweet god how I agree.

I haven't read anything usefull on this list for a while now.... except for
peoples differering views on ediquette (sp?).



Steve Rogers wrote:

> Did anyone stop to consider some of are subscribed to multiple lists, often
> generating hundreds of messages per day of nonsense and garbage?
> it is very annoying top have to wade through tons of garbage as it is, and
> this thread rates up there with some of the worst crap I have seen anywhere.
> I joined this list to get info and help with Gimp, and instead I delete
> virtually every message on this list because it is cluttered with crap like
> this thread.
> How about putting [OT] in the subject so we can at least killfile the
> nonsense?
> I sent Amy a note personally to tell her I thought she was justified in her
> post. There was nothing rude about it. It was a simple request. get over it
> move along, nothing more to see here.
> Jesus you would think I subscribed to an Amiga mailing list with all this
> mindless bickering.

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