Amy Abascal writes:
 > In the spirit of ending this godawful flame war (to which I haven't
 > responded since FRIDAY), I will change the subject.

In the same spirit I will also drop the thread. This is my final

I do owe Amy an apology. I ment to make a general arguement about the
proper way of responding to inappropriate posts, (unsubscribe, FAQ
etc.) The result was an appearance of a personal attack on Amy which
was not my intention. Amy was merely following what she and many
others perceived as accepted practice.

Even though it was a post of Amy's that triggered my arguements, and I
think that post was inappropriate, I do admit that it is common
practice. Therefor my arguement is not specifically with Amy but with
the entire community that thinks rudeness is an appropriate response
to rudeness.


I'm out of this thread.

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