I've been subscribed now for a few weeks and I'm excited about this

Recently I ran across a web site that had some pretty impressive
graphics. (or so I thought)


Nice stuff.  His "trademark style" of the translucent plastic or glass
looking button/lens thingie is what really leaps off the screen and
grabbs my attention.

Unfortunately this guys parents didn't teach him to share and he wants
to keep his techniques a secret.  

<snip src="http://www.blueskyheart.com/data.html">
I get requests to post tutorials. Thanks, but sorry...it's not that kind
of site and I'm not that kinda guy. : ) 

With that in mind I would be interested in picking the collective brain
of this list to figure out how to do this in the Gimp!  (It must not be
too hard because the dude is worried about keeping it a secret)

Post your ideas and links to examples here.  If we can figure it out
I'll be happy to put together and host a web tutorial.  

We don't need his stinking tutorial!  We can make our own. ;-)
Jon Winters
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