Steve Rogers wrote:
> Rendering? not likely.

He mentions he has dabbled in 3D apps but the core of what he does is
done with photoshop.
> There is nothing there that indicates this at all.
> The transparent "gel" bubbles are a very easy effect to create in a paint
> program and the backgrounds and metallics can easily be done using masks and
> layers.

We've got to have the reflections too.  He mentions he uses the same
'stock photograph' to produce them.
> If anyone is really interested, I could whip up a quick tutorial how to do
> the same thing.

I'm interested for two reasons...

One: The effect is cool and I want to know how to do it.
two: The dude refuses to put up a tutorial.  We know other folks out
there want to know how so a tutorial would be a big hit.

(ok, part of me just wants to show that his 'gimmick' can be done by us
using free software)

Hope we can set a good example that sharing knowledge is better than
hoarding it. :-)


Jon Winters
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