Apparently someone got quite offended by my posting to the list that the
graphics on this web site could be easily done in a graphics package like
GIMP, even though I offereed to post a tutorial on it as well.

I thought it would be nice to contribute useful information after deleting
dozens of useless posts at Amy for someones inability to unsubscribe.

Was my comment about the graphics on this web site referenced below so
offensive that I deserved this kind of response?

the following was a portion of the exceedingly rude e-mail I got in private:

"When you call someone a liar please get your facts straight."

"cause you to to post distorted and incorrect information to the potential
detriment of
the rest of the list. Some people here might benefit from a knowledge of
rendering and
don't know much about it. You do a disservice to the list"

Is this typical of the way you people behave here? or is this individual an
exception? I am willing to do tutorials and help people, but if this is the
kind of nonsense this list generates, I won't waste my time. I have better
things to do  than be flamed by idiots.

Jon Winters wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been subscribed now for a few weeks and I'm excited about this
> list.
> Recently I ran across a web site that had some pretty impressive
> graphics. (or so I thought)
> Nice stuff.  His "trademark style" of the translucent plastic or glass
> looking button/lens thingie is what really leaps off the screen and
> grabbs my attention.
> Unfortunately this guys parents didn't teach him to share and he wants
> to keep his techniques a secret.

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